Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Project of the Year

I've already started and mostly finished my first project of the year.  I emptied out my study/sewing room, painted it and reorganized it as my sewing/craft room.  I neglected to take a "before" shot of the room, but since I started stripping the room on the 30th of December it technically doesn't go against my new year resolution of "take more pictures".  I did manage to remember to take pictures after I had already painted the room.   I had enough leftover paint (the blue paint from the basement that was painted over) to give the walls two coats, I didn't spend any new money on paint.  The shelving was another story.  I spent almost $300 and I want more.

After the first coat

Hubby measured the wall, bought and installed the shelving...

All during the moving in process, Hubby kept saying, "See? You have plenty of shelving."  Then he would say that I have 40 feet of linear storage or X amount of square footage... such an engineer!  I'm not quite all moved in yet.  He doesn't understand that I had my fabric and yarn and supplies all over the house.

I have room for a few more shelves!

See the left lower corner next to the rolling drawers?  There's room there for a small sewing table for my second sewing machine.

I even moved a chair in, so Hubby could watch TV.
This blank space will be a flannel design wall!
By the way, the small pictures were taken with my new iPhone!

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