Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moving Update

My messy, messy living room/study/dining room

It's been a long month.  We finally moved into our house.  The weeks preceding the move, I was so frustrated and depressed.  Too depressed to blog.  My big girls were off to college and the little ones were in school during the day. I had nothing to do in our 2-bedroom rental.  I wanted my stuff, I wanted to be in my house and I was tired of hearing my upstairs neighbors having sex every other day.  Since being in the house, I've been happier, but absolutely too exhausted and busy to blog.  My conclusion?  I make too many excuses.

The movers arrived on a Monday with two trailers.  They ran out of time to deliver and unload a third trailer.  On Tuesday, they delivered the last trailer, but realized that a big proportion of our belongings were missing.  No mower, no tiller, no kitchen table.  There were boxes that were missing too.  After 24 hours, our goods were found and on Thursday they were finally delivered.  Now, I'm assigned with the task of cramming 20,000 pounds of our belongings in 2,200 sq. ft..

A bit of background:  We've been fortunate enough to live in areas where housing is relatively inexpensive.  Of the six houses we've lived in before, ALL of them were built just for us.  I know, I know.  I've been spoiled.   Our last house was quite large:  over 4,000 sq. ft..  Every room was filled with furniture. We knew that we would have to down-size to move into the Chicago area.  It's definitely more expensive here and we don't really need a humongous house with two girls in college.  With Hubby's new company footing the bill for the move, I decided to keep all our furniture (no idea how big our house would be) and get rid of what we don't need at the other end.  Now I'm at the other end.  Tim the moving guy, just moved into a house devoid of furniture.  We gave him my dining room set (too big for this house and we bought the set from the previous owner anyway) and a matching entertainment cabinet.  Big, burly Tyrell took a leather recliner and a big terrarium.  He wanted my old living room couch too, but it's in good shape and I'm saving that for Alyson's first place.  She may need it soon, since she graduates next May.  

Knitting has been put on the back burner for now.  The only time I take my needles out is during Madelyn's swim practices.  I'm working on the collar of Jessie's tilted duster, so it's almost done. 

I must go back to my unpacking.  Being friendless in really conducive to getting work done around the house.