Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It all started with paint

my adorable Amy Butler fabric

Painting and redo-ing my sewing room really got my organizational juices flowing.  So much so that I couldn't stop.  I rediscovered so much forgotten fabric, I had to use them to assist with the re-organization.  The first thing I worked on was a  needle case for my interchangeable needles.  I used some Amy Butler fabric that my friend Moira picked up for me years ago on a trip to Vermont (I think).

Here it is all sewn up.  The zippered pocket holds the end caps and key that came with the cords,

I don't have a whole lot of needle tips yet.  I'm collecting them a pair at a time.  I originally bought Knit Picks' starter "try it" set.  It came with a couple of 24" cables, three needle tips (sizes 6,7,&8) in wood, nickel and acrylic.  Since then, I've acquired a couple of more needle sizes (in nickel) and some 36" cables.  I really like these needles.  They're inexpensive and have nice sharp points.  In fact I prefer them over my more expensive addi turbo needles.

The flap goes over the needles,so they don't all come sliding out.  I haven't decided on a closure yet.  Either I'll sew a button and elastic on the back or ribbons, like the della Q cases.

I didn't stop with my needle case.  I found a site called Sew4Home thru my Zite app.  They had a tutorial to make these adorable baskets.

I thought they would be perfect to hold my sewing patterns.  I skipped the rick rack, since I didn't want to make a trip to the store.  Instead, I attached prairie points.

I made five!


  1. Hi Vivian,

    These baskets are so cute! The prarie points are such a good idea. Thanks for linking to the tutorial. I might just have to make some for myself!


  2. Heidi,

    So glad you enjoyed them. I love it when everyone shares the treasures they find online.