Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tea Stains

Remember when I lost a ball of purple Trekking yarn and had to order another skein to finish my uptown boot socks?  I also ordered a second light blue skein so I could try Double Heelix from this fall's Knitty.  The swirly, knit-from-heel, two-toned, mismatched socks intrigued me from the first moment I laid eyes on this picture:

Double Heelix by Jen Staimen, Knitty, first Fall 2011

In anticipation of an eleven-hour car ride, I packed my sock yarn for my very own Double Heelix sock.  The pattern starts with casting on 20 stitches with Judy's Magic Cast-on over two needles.  I read the instructions for JMCO online before our trip.  I even watched the recommended video.  By the time I was on the road with my yarn and needles, I couldn't remember anything about any Judy or her magic cast-on.  I tried for miles and miles, but my first few rows didn't look anything like the picture on the pattern.  The pattern clearly states that you need two working strands for each color.  At the end of the cast-on, both strands for the main color should be on the same side of the needles.  Why are my strands on the opposite ends?!!!!  Argh!!!!!
At our hotel, I checked the instructions and video online again.  I still couldn't get it right.  Finally I found a video by Cat Bordhi.  I don't know what it is.  I can usually follow written word directions or pictures pretty easily.  For whatever reason, I couldn't understand the pictures and video from Knitty.  It took Cat's tutorial for me to finally get it.  I guess that's why Cat is such a popular teacher in the knitting circuit.

Finally got it!

By the time I was half-way home, I had knitted the heel and most of the foot.  Tragedy occured when I spilled my diet iced tea inside my knitting bag.  What a mess!  When I got home, I ripped out the whole sock and washed my yarn.  I couldn't get all the stains out.  And since the tea was the instant variety, the stains were pink, rather than brown.  It didn't look half bad...

Can you see the stains?

That first sock has since been reknit and completed.

Yes, I have big feet.

Now that I'm knitting the second sock, my attention is already wandering to my next project...  Apres Surf Hoodie?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knitting on Drugs

I love my Tylenol PM when I have a headache at night.  It saves me from spending a miserable night with a gigantic headache.  So even though I had a wonderful uninterrupted night of blissful sleep, even though I slept so soundly, I almost peed in my pants, I have one complaint.  There should be an additional warning on the box: Do not operate machinery or wield KNITTING NEEDLES while taking this drug.  Serious damage may be done to your knitting if these warnings are not observed!

A three-year-old would have been able to point out all the mistakes and dropped stitches in the sleeve I knit while under the influence.  I spent the better part of  the next day ripping out and reknitting the sleeve of my February Lady Sweater.

It still needs to blocked and I still have to pick out buttons, but it's off my needles.  Yay!!!  Now on to the next project...