Thursday, May 31, 2012

Catch Up

I got a new computer!  Maybe I'll start posting again.

My last computer was getting really temperamental in the end.  It only went online when it felt like it. Argh!  As much I hate spending money on a new computer, Hubby found a good deal at Best Buy.  Since the only thing I know about computers is how to use one, I'll have to take his word for it that this new computer is better and faster.  Actually, it was my eagle-eye that spotted the free Office "sale".  Until, this Saturday, Best Buy is giving away a Microsoft Office bundle for each computer over $499.

Now on to my projects...

Basic Socks, Bubble Socks and Whale Watch Tam

I've finished two pairs of socks, a hat and the Christmas stocking since the last regular post.  The basic socks were knit fairly quickly.  I had three days of sitting around watching movers pack up and load most of the belongings while I knit and watched over them.  I also was able to catch up on most of my DVR before I had to return my cable box.

The bubble gum inside-out socks, were named for the bubble-gum-pinks of the yarn.  I frogged my Retro Rib Socks awhile ago because I was never really happy with them and used that yarn for these socks.  Maddy wanted inside-out socks, so I ribbed the whole leg and knit the foot and turned them inside out to block.  Voila!  Inside-out socks!

I cast on the Whale Watch Tam right before a house hunting trip to Illinois.  I was in town for just under 24 hours, so I only had the first rows of whales done on the return flight.  It came out smaller than I intended, so one of my little nieces is getting this hat for her birthday.

On my needles are a pair of mismatched knee socks using leftover sock yarn.  Alyson really liked the mismatched legwarmers I made for her sister, so these are for her.  They'll probably take a while, because I have to accumulate more leftover sock yarn.  So that means more socks in the future.

Mismatched Knee Socks

The big project I'm working on right now, is an anniversary quilt for my in-laws.  Since this is a surprise, I won't be posting any pictures now.

On the house-hunting front, we found a house, made an offer and the homeowners have accepted.  The complication is that they want to stay in their house until September.  Because Hubby found fabulous interest rates for our mortgage,  we'll be closing on the house this summer, but renting the house back to the owners until September.  Double Arghh!  Four 3 1/2 months to go in this little apartment.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

House Hunting

We made it to our new town without any casualties. The 900 mile drive from upstate New York took two days and my poor kids had zero legroom in the car because Hubby rented the smallest truck for our belongings. We had plants, suitcases and bags wedged between every possible space in our little car (my minivan was already in Illinois because Hubby rdove it here two months earlier when he started his new job). Most of our household goods were taken away by the movers and deposited in storage. Whatever we need in our temporary quarters had to be moved ourselves.

We've seen four houses today and I'm hoping one of them will be ours in a months time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So this post and the previous one was typed on my brand-new shiny iPad. For whatever reason, I can't make paragraphs or post photos where I want them when I use my iPad. I don't know if it's the interphase between the iOS and blogger, or what. I can't make my posts look the way I want. Anyway, on another note, I've had my iPad for two months (my consolation prize for moving) and love it, especially since my laptop has been very temperamental the last few weeks. Maybe it's also rebelling over the move? The laptop in question has been packed away and the family laptop has been monopolized by my computer game-obsessed son. So until I figure out the best way to blog, my posts will be uploaded via my phone and iPad.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Empty House

I've been a bit busy the last few weeks selling our house. The good news is that we sold the house in just over two weeks! The bad news is that we have to leave town sooner than anticipated. The movers have been here the last two days, packing and loading our belongings into a giant eighteen wheeler and my house is getting emptier and emptier. It's been hard saying good-bye to my friends. They've all been wonderful, throwing me parties, bringing me food, but it's making me more and more miserable. It's pathetic that it takes leaving a place to find out how much you're appreciated and loved.