Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Interweave Knits

Knits Magazine Summer 2010 Cover

My Summer IK arrived in the mail this morning!!!!  I really tried not to blow through this edition all at once, but couldn't help myself.  There's quite a few patterns that I would like to knit.  And I know months or even years from now, I'll find something "new" that I didn't even consider during my first perusal.

Patterns I want to knit:
     cumulus tee
     camp smock  I think this would be really cute on a little girl
     swirl skirt
     amelia hoodie  maybe with long sleeves instead?
     cat's eye tam

I'd also like to try the faux cables technique in the al fresco camisole

All in all, another great edition of Interweave Knits


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