Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gray or Grey?

I wanted to knit the Ruched Yoke Tee designed by AnneLenna Mattison as soon as I saw it in this year's spring Interweave Knits.  I love the peasant blouse look on the adorable blonde model.  She totally sold it for me.

My niece has a June birthday and would be the perfect recipient for such a top.  My choices for suitable yarn, however, was seriously throwing a wrench in the works.  I chose to use only stash yarn (that's another story.  Two daughters in college this fall.  Yikes!) and the only yarn that would work from said stash was gray.  Or is that "grey"?

my gray yarn

Now, I don't have anything against the color gray.  I like gray.  In fact, I have many items of clothing in varying shades of gray.  I just don't think gray is a good color for my 5-year-old niece, at least not solid gray.

I came up with, I think, a pretty good idea of adding some color into the project by way of some new yarn self-striping yarn and came up with this: 

It only took me five days to knit.  Yay!!!

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