Thursday, February 2, 2012

Floating UFOs

Happy Groundhog's Day!  It's been such a warm winter, I don't think it matters what the groundhog sees today.

In an earlier post, I had resolved to finish a couple of old UFOs.  When I say, "old" I mean REALLY OLD.  In 1998, I started a double wedding ring quilt.  I remember the year because we were living in California at the time and getting ready to move to New York.  So, the top was started on the west coast and completed in the east.  During the few years we lived in NY, I basted the layers together and started hand-quilting the darn thing.  This uncompleted quilt has since lived with us through two more moves and is still a UFO.  As much as I enjoy hand-quilting, I never liked dragging the 78"x78" quilt out and laying it over my lap to quilt.  Too hot in the summer and too many other things to do in the winter.

I hand-quilted about 1/3 of the quilt

 Recently, I've started on the quilt again, though I've decided to finish it on the machine.  I'm going to try to work on it a little every week until it's done.

Getting ready to machine-quilt

Blue is my FAVORITE color

The other old UFO is also a quilt.  I've never completely followed someone else's quilt design before this one.  It's from a Little Quilts booklet that I bought on a trip to Atlanta ten years ago.  I even followed the color scheme of the pattern, which is unusual for me.

Only the border needs to be quilted

The only thing I didn't follow was the heart-in-hand applique in the left corner.  Instead of the pattern from the booklet, I traced Madelyn's little hand.  She was about two at the time.  It's probably been over two years since I last touched this project.  I really want to get it done but I have so many other things I also want to work on!

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