Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knitting on Drugs

I love my Tylenol PM when I have a headache at night.  It saves me from spending a miserable night with a gigantic headache.  So even though I had a wonderful uninterrupted night of blissful sleep, even though I slept so soundly, I almost peed in my pants, I have one complaint.  There should be an additional warning on the box: Do not operate machinery or wield KNITTING NEEDLES while taking this drug.  Serious damage may be done to your knitting if these warnings are not observed!

A three-year-old would have been able to point out all the mistakes and dropped stitches in the sleeve I knit while under the influence.  I spent the better part of  the next day ripping out and reknitting the sleeve of my February Lady Sweater.

It still needs to blocked and I still have to pick out buttons, but it's off my needles.  Yay!!!  Now on to the next project...

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