Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad Blogger

I don't think I was home for more than two weeks at a time this summer...  That's probably an exaggeration.  It really was a busy summer for my family.  That's my only excuse for being a bad, or shall I say "absent", blogger.

My two little ones (not very little at all) have been in school for the last two and a half weeks. But despite that, I didn't feel like the summer had ended for me until last week.  That's because last week I got home from dropping E off at her university. Since her school is on a trimester schedule, they didn't start classes until the 21st.  A has been in London since the beginning of the month where she's spending a semester abroad.  Now that all my children are settled at their schools, Fall has begun in earnest.

Progress report on my projects?

I set my February Lady sweater aside over summer vacation.  The last thing I wanted to touch during the heat and humidity was my wool and alpaca concoction.   I did pick the project up again last week and started the first sleeve.

I started knitting the Uptown Boot Socks by Jennifer Appleby during a trip to Orlando.  I had just cast on the second sock when a knot forced my to cut the yarn and roll the skein into a ball.  Somehow, that ball never made it back into my bag.  Oh the agony! 

My rainbow Citron

Fortunately I had a backup project:  Citron is a cute little shawlette.  I used a skein of Norro Sekku.  My sister-in-law loved it so much, I gave it to her without even blocking it.

Once I was home, I was able to order another skein of my purple trekking sock yarn so I could finish the second sock.  The dye lot wasn't the same, but that's okay.  At least the socks are done.  E took them to school with her, so I didn't have time to block them.

purple uptown boot socks
I don't know why the bottom sock looks bigger than the top one.  They really are the same size.  Even when we try them on!

I made a little travel jewelry case for A, but didn't finish it until she had already left for London.  She found something a catalogue and asked if I could make her one.  Being the crafty mom that I am, I whipped one up for her.  She's got something to hold her earrings, a compartment for bracelets/watches and a tube to hold her rings.  There's even an extra zipper pocket for miscellaneous junk that girls collect.

I have a few more projects that were completed, but I'll save them for next time.

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  1. The jewelry bag looks awesome. You got the earring holes to work! :D