Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween: Year Of The Sharpie

Halloween was very wet. As a result, trick-or-treaters were scarce and we ended up with too much extra candy!! I drove J and M around the neighborhood while they ran from house to house. Poor M. Her feet and tights got soaked and her paper crown started wilting. Well, I stayed dry in my car.

I'm pretty pleased with the costumes this year. M's queen of hearts outfit looked fine, but I think I would have been happier if I had used taffeta instead of the halloween satin. It would have looked better in a stiffer fabric. The points of the black and yellow diamonds don't quite meet, but it's just a halloween costume. I Sharpied red hearts all over a pair of tights. I think that completed the outfit!

J's costume was an easy one. The pants were his own, the shirt was his sister's. I made separate cuffs and a turtle neck from leftover knit fabric, Sharpied brown stripes and hand tacked to the shirt.

I never got a good picture of E, but took one of her costume this morning. She didn't want a traditional satiny "Alice" costume, but picked a blue fabric from the calico wall. No Sharpies were involved in the making of her costume.

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